💪EMPowering Ethereum

The goal of EMP Money is not only to offer high APRs to our investors, but to become a beacon of stability and growth, empowering the Ethereum token in the Binance Smartchain.

EMP Money wants to bring this empowerment through 5 angles:

Unity – Together we are strong. If we all stand together and follow the appropriate Step 1: Self Assessment everyone will have a chance at earning and growing. $100M or even $500M TVL and beyond is achievable if we stand united!

Education – An educated community is key to ensuring long-term stability. We aim to always maintain focus on putting out content and educational material about the protocol and all relevant subjects. We want to foster smart and engaged investors that understand the protocol.

Integrity – A community is strong as long as there is trust. We will maintain a focus on being transparent and foster trust in and between each investor making sure everyone understands how to work for the betterment and growth of the community and not act selfishly for individual shortsighted short-term profit.

Technology – Robust, modern, and secure tech is the backbone of EMP. Our commitment is to only put out tools and products that abide by these principles.

Responsible – The EMP Money protocol will always work towards a responsible usage of the treasury and conduct the protocol into responsible and carefully curated partnerships that will expose our investors to new and exciting opportunities.

EMP Money embraces the above points by following the EMPowered strategy Path

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