Farms give investors an easy way to get a hold of ESHARE -- the limited supply governance token of EMP.Money.

Farms will continue rewarding ESHARE until a supply of 56K ESHARE is reached, at which point a halving model will commence which cuts the emissions rate in half each year.

Farms will continue rewarding ESHARE in a halving model. This is similar to the Bitcoin emissions schedule.

Emissions schedule example:

  • Year 1: 28,000 Eshare emissions (completed)

  • Year 2: 28,000 Eshare emissions (completed January 23rd, 2024)

  • Year 3: 14,000 Eshare emissions

  • Year 4: 7,000 Eshare emissions

  • Year 5: 3,500 Eshare emissions

Even though emissions continue, the maximum total supply will be much lower than most other seigniorage protocols.

Users can participate in the farms to earn ESHARE:

Deposit EMP-ETH-LP to earn ESHARE

Deposit ESHARE to earn ESHARE

*Please Note: As the ESHARE migration has just taken place, we are now using a new version of our EMP-ETH LP Farm (0xa27c2b2b439dea43b59060efd2d9820fbc812f97). You will need to remove the LPs from the old farm (found in the 'inactive pools' section) and redeposit them into the new EMP-ETH LP Farm.


Boardroom is the money printer of EMP.Money which distributes EMP to all stakers when it's above peg

As long as the TWAP of EMP is >1.01, the boardroom prints EMP every epoch based on the predetermined emissions rate, which is based on the current supply. These rewards are distributed to everyone who has staked their ESHARE in the boardroom.

Any interaction with the boardroom will reset both timers. That's 3 epochs (18 hours) to withdraw your $EMP rewards, and 6 epochs to unstake your $ESHARE (36 hours).

  • Epoch duration: 6 hours

  • Deposits / Withdrawal of ESHARE into/from the Boardroom will lock ESHARE for 6 epochs and EMP rewards for 3 epochs.

  • EMP reward claims will re-lock staked ESHARE for 6 epochs and the next EMP rewards can only be claimed 3 epochs later

  • Distribution of EMP during Expansion

    80% as Reward for Boardroom ESHARE Stakers

    15% goes to the Treasury

    5% goes to DEV fund

  • Epoch Expansion: Current expansion cap base on EMP supply, if there are bonds to be redeemed, 65% of minted EMP goes to the Treasury until it's sufficiently full to meet bond redemption. If there is no debt, it will follow max capped expansion rate.

Boardroom UI Available information

Next Seigniorage indicates a countdown timer to the next epoch. (Each epoch duration lasts for 6 hours)

APR refers to the simple returns in USD value relative to the amount of ESHARE staked (USD value).

Note: APR fluctuates from time to time and is dependent on certain factors such as:

  • Price of EMP

  • Price of ESHARE

  • Amount of ESHARE staked in Boardroom (Locked Value)

Boardroom on Contraction Periods

The Boardroom will not mint any EMP (NO REWARDS ON BOARDROOM) while TWAP < 1.01

Boardroom on Debt Phase

Debt Phase takes place on the expansion epochs that start after a contraction period where there are still EBONDs to be redeemed.

65% of Expansion during Debt Phase is allocated to the Treasury Fund to prepare for EBOND Redemption.

This amount is still reserved whether or not EBOND holders are redeeming bonds.

Once EMP in the Treasury is sufficiently full to meet all circulating bond redemption, expansion rates will return to normal.

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