Meet the Team

'AJ' - The Commander

Self-made crypto millionaire from early 2017. AJ is an incredible leader, skilled at the art of putting together exceptional teams of people with all different strengths. He knows just how to assemble the key players needed, to create the best seigniorage projects crypto has ever seen. With a real-world business background, AJ knows the value of community, good communication, and what it takes to make a project successful.
Managing everyone on the team behind the scenes, developing partnerships, community outreach, brand building, and research and development with EMP dev on new innovative ideas that can help the protocol. He also does some of the front end development (graphics).

'Demi' - The Comms Seargent

Coming from a sales & digital marketing background, Demi has spent the last year networking & strategizing the best marketing practices in the crypto space. A few skills of his are SEO, web-design, influencer marketing and more.
Demi is a powerhouse when it comes to working in the background, networking and generating interest in some of the most prominent communities in Defi.

‘Luniz’ - The Handsome

Bachelor in Finance and Management, Masters in Real Estate Management and Construction Project Management.
Prior to crypto, he worked in investment banking, mostly portfolio management and later was managing private investments.
He’s been in crypto since 2017 covering marketing, finance and public relations for several successful projects.
Former professional tennis player! (In truth he's just part of the team for his good looks)
Luniz provides his extensive knowledge in finance with the rest of the team and developer in order to make sure every part of the tokenomics and finance aspects are sustainable and sound.
Luniz also shares the community management role with Marty, forming a powerhouse team in the community.

‘Marty’ - The Crewmaster

Marty took the plunge into crypto in 2020 while learning to code during the first lockdown.
He initially focused on BTC and general blockchain, later deep diving into ETH and Defi. He has been involved in several projects with a high impact in the Defi ecosystem, and is an extremely talented people person sharing the responsibilities of leading the EMP community to success with Luniz "The Handsome".
Marty is also using his ever growing networking potential to find and scout new partnerships that would place EMP in a better position.

‘0xCHAD’ - The Prophet

Full stack web2 & web3 software engineer. Has experience in a variety of strategies and projects; including flash loan arbitrage, AR/VR development, and defi apps.
Straight to the point and focused on the goals the team sets in terms of growth and development.
A wiz with solidity and code generally speaking.
(We keep him locked and chained in a basement coding 24/7 for the benefit of the EMP community, we do feed him every other day)

'Crypto Mike’- The Hype Mike Professor

After raising a successful business on his own (rekt to riches) and reaching the point where it became self sustainable, Mike decided to join Defi full time in 2017 just before the massive crypto winter began. He held on, navigating through it with panache to come out stronger and more dedicated in 2021.
He’s a firm believer in education and networking, Mike has built a following as a crypto influencer and personality due to his candor and big personality.
Has been involved in several prominent projects, giving him a very privileged position in several Defi ecosystems.
Mike is responsible for spearheading the education effort for EMP, while also putting his network of contacts to work to grow EMP potential.