1. Once I deposit into Detonator, is my money locked?

Yes. Once you deposit into Detonator your deposit is locked, and you now have the ability to earn 365% ROI on your deposit. Every day before the rollover clock ticks down to 0:00, you have the opportunity to either Claim or Compound your daily rewards amount. Your daily rewards amount will be proportional to the amount you have deposited and your pool share. Every compound will add to your deposited amount, therefore increasing your max payout amount. This is because you’re earning 365% ROI on a larger deposited amount.

2. What is the daily burst?

The daily burst is the daily amount that you can claim or compound based on your total ownership % of the whole contract pool.

It is the minimum that you can earn in the 24 hours between rollovers. So that is just a baseline, based on your actual pool share. The part we can’t predict is how much in addition to your daily burst that you’ll earn. Because we can’t predict how many new deposits there will be. On top of your daily burst, 6% of all deposits gets instantly rewarded and is distributed proportionately based on the size of your share of the pool that you own.

The daily burst amount shown already shows the 20% claim tax factored in. The “Your Rewards” amount you’re seeing is the amount you’d receive if you pressed claim with the 20% tax already deducted from it. If you choose to compound, the 20% tax is removed and that amount is added on top of the reward amount shown on your dashboard.

3. If I win the lottery/largest deposit prize can I claim it all in one lump sum?

No. This is for the benefit of you and everyone in the contract. The Detonator was built to be a sustainable Beast! We do not allow you to claim a lump sum because we would never want anyone to dump on our heads and jeopardize the sustainability of the contract. However, it is actually to your benefit, because when you win the lottery/largest depositor prize, you’re really not just winning the prize amount. The prize amount gets added to your “You’ve Deposited” amount, which means you now have the ability to earn a 365% ROI on your prize winnings, and each day either compound or claim your daily rewards. We highly recommend a 6-1 or 5-2 strategy, where you compound 6 days and claim 1 or compound 5 days and claim 2. If you continue to compound more often then you claim, you will essentially never reach your max payout for the lifetime of the contract. If you do your part in taking responsible actions, you’ll help to ensure this contract goes on for years, and you have a passive income earning machine.

4. How do the lottery tickets work?

If you’ve deposited into the Detonator, you want to deposit in increments of 0.15LP, because each lottery ticket costs 0.15LP. For each 0.15LP deposited, you will earn 1 lottery ticket. You can get a maximum of 50 tickets from depositing, for a total of 7.5 LP.

Once you’ve made that deposit, those tickets from depositing only count for the day of deposit. On the following day, if you don’t have enough LP deposited to earn you a lottery ticket from compounding (0.12LP compounded), you will not earn a ticket.

When compounding, you earn 1 ticket for every 0.12LP compounded. And you can earn up to 50 tickets per day from compounding. Making the maximum # of tickets you can earn per day, 100. 50 from depositing and 50 from compounding.

5. Why are the gas prices so high in Detonator?

We updated the gas limits in Detonator. There’s an important thing to remember. Just because it shows a higher gas limit, doesn’t mean that’s the actual amount of gas being spent. Before the change optimization, unfortunately with a lot of congestion on BNB Chain, and the last minute compounding, a lot of people were experiencing failed transactions. So we updated the gas limits and now it’s 0.007. That’s the limit, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be charged that much. It does mean you need that much BNB in your wallet. Usually the actual transaction cost is around $0.30.

6. What happens to your Detonator Rewards if you do not claim or compound before the daily timer runs out?

The Detonator is on a 24-hour timer and resets at 12:00 UTC each day. You must compound or claim daily or that day’s earnings go back into the pool. You do not lose those earnings. You still have the ability to earn your full 365% ROI. It simply extends the time it takes you to ROI.

7. I Zapped into Detonator, but my deposit didn’t increase and I didn’t get any lottery tickets. What happened?

When you Zap into Detonator, you must actually approve two transactions and sometimes if you’ve only approved 1 out of the 2, you’ve created the LP but haven’t actually deposited it yet. In that case the LP is still sitting in your wallet. The first transaction creates the LP, and the second transaction deposits it. You must approve both transactions, and then you will see that your ‘You’ve Deposited’ amount will increase, and if you’ve deposited over 0.15LP you will receive a lottery ticket as well (and 1 ticket for every 0.15LP you’ve deposited).

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