Inspired by tomb.finance, an algorithmic protocol using seigniorage that was originally inspired by the idea behind Basis, as well as its predecessors (EDollar and Soup)

What is EMP Money

EMP.Money is a revolutionary DeFi protocol on the BNB Chain. EMP’s token value is algorithmically pegged to the price of Ethereum via seigniorage at a rate of 4000 EMP:1 ETH.
The protocol's underlying mechanisms are designed to accomplish the following:
•Ensure a peg of EMP:ETH is achieved
•It is maintained to establish $EMP as a mirrored, liquid asset to $ETH
The protocol accomplishes this by introducing unique economic and game-theory centric dynamics into the market through its three tokens and a seigniorage method.
The EMP team have proven to be leaders and innovators in the space, and what makes EMP different is as a team, we are always looking at the economics and asking how we can make them better & how we can improve the protocol.

How does it work?!

The protocol is based on a series of complex interactions, with the behaviour of multiple stakeholders deciding the pricing dynamics of the multiple tokens of the ecosystem.
  • When EMP price is over the peg, new EMP is minted by the protocol to inflate the supply, in an attempt to drive the price down towards the peg. These new EMP are placed into circulation through the Boardroom and distributed to ESHARE holders. This increases the demand for ESHARE, thus increasing the price and value of ESHARES.
  • When EMP price drops below the peg, the protocol will allow minting Ebonds with EMP (up to a maximum debt limit). This removes EMP from the total supply, applying upward pressure on the price towards the peg. Ebonds can then be redeemed for EMP at a premium when the price is above peg in the future.

What is the point of

In the short term, until the peg is achieved, EMP is focusing on optimizing the protocol and creating wealth for our early investors through Farms and Boardroom.
Once the peg is achieved, the system’s mechanisms will focus on stability and consistency so that EMP can function as a mirrored, liquid asset to ETH.
Ultimately, the purpose of the EMP Money protocol is to provide the means for its investors, regardless of being long-time Ethereum holders, Defi users or new users just coming into the space, the opportunity to remain exposed to Ethereum.
And at the same time take advantage of a whole ecosystem built around EMP that is aimed to put their precious Ethereum to work for them, without the insanely expensive fees and slow processing speed from the Ethereum blockchain.
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