1.“Once EBONDS are emitted, does the Boardroom stop printing EMP until we are above peg again?”

Staking ESHARES will give you EMP rewards when the price of EMP is above the peg, but not when it is under the peg.

2. “What happens if I interact with the Boardroom in any way?”

Any interaction with the boardroom will reset both timers. That's 3 epochs (18 hours) to withdraw your EMP rewards, and 6 epochs to unstake your ESHARE (36 hours).

3. “Are the Boardroom rewards pro-rated by time? I.e if I stake three hours before the end of an epoch vs five hours before the end of an epoch, do I get different rewards?”

No, it's determined by how much you have staked at the time of printing (i.e. end of one epoch and start of the other). It doesn't matter if you stake 3 hours before or 30 seconds before the emissions occur.

4. "If I remove my ESHARE from Boardroom without first collecting my EMP, will it be lost forever?"

No, it will still be there to collect whenever you need.
Note: Should you remove all of your ESHARE from the Boardroom without first collecting your EMP rewards, they will be automatically collected for you, and will end up in your wallet along with the ESHARE that you have just unstaked.

5. "The Boardroom APR dropped because we're in a 'debt phase.' What does this mean?"

A debt phase takes place on the expansion epochs that start after a contraction period where there are still EBOND to be redeemed.
65% of Expansion during Debt Phase is allocated to the Treasury Fund to prepare for the EBOND Redemption. This amount is still reserved whether or not EBOND holders are redeeming bonds.
Once the EMP in the Treasury is sufficiently full to meet all circulating bond redemption, expansion rates will resume to normal.

6. "If we're in a debt phase, how long will it last until the Boardroom continues printing as normal?"

The debt phase will last as long as it is necessary to adequately pay back outstanding EBOND debt. Please keep in mind that the Treasury will also need to collect a little extra, as there needs to be a cushion to cover the bonuses when people redeem EBOND over peg. There's no exact way of calculating how many epochs it takes, since we don't know exactly when people will redeem their EBOND. If the debt phase is ended too early, and then the Treasury doesn't have enough EMP to repay the EBOND bonus, then the APR restriction would need to be turned back on.

7. "At the end of the epoch, the Boardroom did not print EMP, and then no EBOND(s) were issued. Why?"

There is a balanced state "at peg" when EMP's TWAP is between 1.00 and 1.01, and this means there is neither contraction nor inflation. We call this the "Zen Phase".

8. "If EMP continues climbing above the price of the peg, will that influence how long the debt epoch lasts?"

Depending on the price of EMP, the Boardroom print will have to adjust to provide a buffer for any unclaimed EBOND. As the price of EMP climbs above the peg, more EMP needs to be distributed to the Treasury to account for EBOND bonus redemption.