ETH Staking Empowered

*The ETH Staking Contract is Currently Paused*


What is it

EMP Staking on EMP.Money is a staking contract developed to create a new avenue of income and offer another option for ETH enthusiasts, while simultaneously bolstering EMP. The contract will allow deposits in ETH and earn investors exponentially better returns than ETH staking on Mainnet.

How is this achieved?

The deposited ETH is used to pair up with treasury owned EMP to be able to farm our own shares at essentially half-price (because we already own the EMP). This is extremely powerful and a way for us to wield our treasury for the good of the protocol.

How is value generated to pay back ETH investors?

The value is generated by utilizing protocol shares that are farmed and other streams of passive income generated by the EMP Treasury to pay back to ETH investors.

But won't that be detrimental to the ecosystem?

No, having ETH paired with treasury EMP is extremely powerful because we are able to control a larger portion of the reward emissions and gradually raise our TVL, EMP price, and ESHARE price, while making our ecosystem even more sustainable. A true win-win!

Ok so, what's the good stuff? Give me the numbers!

Deposit and lock your ETH for a 19% return in 3 months, fixed. That's approximately 76% APR (100% APY).

After the locking period of 3 months is over, you are able to withdraw the deposited ETH + 19% earnings or compound those earnings, locking for another round. There are 4 rounds planned, each with a 3 month lockup period or until we reach the maximum threshold of 2000 ETH in the contract.

How to stake your ETH

Access the Staking page here

Important notice

A 5 day unlock period will open after the lock period where you can claim your principal & earned interest.

Alternatively, if you do not claim during the unlock period, your principal & interest will be automatically reinvested in the next 90 day lock period for compounded yield.

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